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I am a Principal Lecturer in Early Childhood with a specialism in Early Help, Child Development and Child Protection. I am writing posts mainly around Early Years, research and to engage in discussions. My complete passion within Higher education is accessing undergraduate opportunities in Early years education through the widening participation agenda. I have had a career which has seen me flourish within the Early Years and Children's services, and the knowledge I have gained, allows me to share the knowledge within my lectures, with like minded and gifted people / practitioners who will be our next lecturers, social workers, teachers and early years professionals. I will also be plugging my own research on Higher Level Apprenticeships in the Early Years. But I am convinced you will join in the discussion.

​I will write one main contemporary issue/discussion each week. Mainly Early Years Related and occasional Educational links too. Each week I will also introduce guest blogs to link to current practice research.

​I am not endorsed in any way and the comments are my own. Hope you enjoy and join me in the journey of what is the most exciting time a child has: THE EARLY YEARS

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We've just ordered @AaronEarlyYears and @SwailesRuth new book- cant wait to read it. Good luck with the launch tomorrow 🙌🙌 #earlychildhoodtheories #earlyyears

What’s on the plan for you today? A meeting with the publisher for me, to talk about the next stages of curriculum design, then into the studio to sort out a few things, some car maintenance and packing my case for our book launch tomorrow with @AaronEarlyYears who’s coming?!

BREAKING: The BBC has reported that a woman protesting in Hong Kong could receive up to 10 years in prison. I bet you're glad you live in a western democracy like the UK where the punishment for peaceful protest is only 10 years in prison x

Happiness delivered by Australia Post today! 🇦🇺📮📪💌 @AaronEarlyYears @SwailesRuth 👏👏👏 #earlyyears #alwaysreading #learning #earlyyears #earlychildhood @SAGEeducation

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