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After the success of EYBlogfest2020, where there were more than 200 blogs shared across social media on the 26th October 2020, it is time again for our Early Years voices, ideas, practice, resources and thoughts to be shared on October 29th 2021.


EYBLOGFEST was an idea between Early Years Reviews and EYMatters, where we wanted to bring together many dimensions and voices of the Early Years sector and share the amazing writing, thoughts, and practice on one special day. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate our professional ideas and voices in working with children 0-8 years in the UK and globally.

What can I share and how do I get involved?

The idea is to share a written piece. This can be a blog or an article, but it doesn’t have to be new. You may have written something in the past or you might be an organisation that has many blogs and articles on their website which has been written by professionals. It will be a great opportunity to share these too. The concept is an easy one – on Friday 29th October (all day), you can share any blog or article you have written or read by someone else. This is a way of flooding social media with the amazing voices and practice of our Early Years Sector.

If you want to get involved, you can do so in the following ways:

1. You must use the dedicated hashtag #EYBLOGFEST2021 – This allows us to collate the content for EYBLOGFEST.

2. You can share an article or blog that you have written, or you might want to write one specifically for the EYBLOGFEST.

3. When you have published your article or blog, decide on which platform you are going to use to share. The best ones for this are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Engage with the day by liking and searching for #EYBLOGFEST2021 – you don’t have to write something to take part either, this is why the day is for everyone. You might have found a great blog or article and want to share that too. Just remember to use the dedicated hashtag.

5. The most important point is to HAVE FUN and ENJOY the full diversity of articles and blogs on offer throughout the day.


We want as many people as possible to get involved. The Early Years and Childhood sector are renowned for many individuals who are passionate about educating and caring for our children in their most formative years. We want you to share your blogs but also share others that you have found particularly inspiring, informative, or representative of the sector, the situations we encounter, the workforce, the issues that we face or something that you feel particularly passionate about.


Some people changed their banners on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram last year and it really felt like a festival. If you want to join in you can adjust the pictures below to fit your banners or even post that you are going to take part in #EYBLOGFEST2021. This year we have a range of colours so which one will you choose?




We cannot wait to see the amazing articles and blogs that you share and hope that you enjoy the day as much as we do.


Early Years Reviews and EYMatters


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