#EYBLOGFEST2020 – The Early Years and Early Childhood sector coming together. Raising their voices one by one

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Hello Everyone, we felt that it was time to let you know how the EYBLOGFEST2020 went. Well firstly I have to say that it was immense. “WOW” is the word to use.


EYBLOGFEST2020 was an idea that Aaron from Early Years Reviews and Juls from EYMatters had, where we wanted to try and bring together many dimensions and voices of the Early Years sector. We have to say if you didn’t join in you missed out on a brilliant day. This Early Years and Childhood sector is renowned for the many individuals that are passionate about the work that is carried out in caring for the our future generations in their most formative years and we wanted you to share your blogs but also share others  that you have found particularly inspiring, informative, or representative of the sector, the situations we encounter, the workforce, the issues that we face or something that you feel particularly passionate about.



The day was a gloomy Monday morning, the 26th October, but the sun soon came out and the day was filled with rays of sunshine, CPD and respected blogs and articles. So we wanted to give you an idea of the types of blogs and the engagement we had on the day. There were large Childhood and Early Years Organisations, individual practitioners, researchers, consultants from across the United Kingdom and internationally. Thank you for seeing how valuable it was to engage with ground root movements.

There were certain topics shared on the day including:





Anti Racist Pedagogy

Professional Development

Mathematical Development

LGBTQ Early Years

Parental Partnerships

Play and Joy

Reflective pieces

Plus many many more…..

The day had lots of blogs shared throughout the day and twitter even crashed at one point and said that it was taking time to catch up. But the most important aspect of the day which me and Juls was aiming for, was that the sector came together, no hierarchy, just pure respect for the blogs and articles that were shared.

Some people even changed their banners on twitter like these guys, it really felt like a festival.











We just want to say a huge thank you. Without you we couldn’t have got #EYBLOGFEST2020 trending and we may be biased but we feel that it was one of the largest trending days for the Early Years in most recent times. Juls is in the process of downloading all the links to the blogs that were shared on the day and there will be a dedicated page on EYMatters and Early Years Reviews websites. So, If you were not able to join in then head to the websites for all the blogs that were shared. We also want you to know that we have enjoyed all the blogs and we want to do it all again. So between now and next October 2021, get your blogs ready for another day of Blog sharing. It really mattered to every single person that engaged with the day. The feedback has been positive and lots of people have learnt so much by engaging. Let’s do what we can to support each other and support our voices. We truly enjoyed every minute of it and we hope you did too. Thank you once again for joining in with #EYBLOGFEST2020


Kindness and love to you all

Aaron Bradbury and Juls Davies






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