Nannies Crisis – They form a large part of our Early Years and Care sector.

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With mounting working pressure on the Nanny Industry,  families requiring childcare to work during the Covid Pandemic, has left the Nanny industry in crisis. The lack of clarity for Nannies working during these unprecedent times has left when asked, ‘Do you feel supported by the industry?’ returned a worryingly low score of just 5.3 our of 10.
Helen McCarthy tell us 
‘Having worked in the Industry for nearly 30yrs I cannot believe that Nannies are still classed as babysitters and not recognised by many as professionals. A child is the most preious thing a parent owns. Anyone can wake up and say ‘ I want to be a Nanny ‘ which is totally wrong.
Children need to be safeguarded within their own home just as if they wete in a Nursery or Childminder setting.’
Nannies have been confused and combined with Childminders multiple times in the media, the Government and with parents. There is clear confusion to what people believe a Nanny and Childminder is, their roles and regulation do and do not apply to Nannies.
Allie Bell informs us,
‘I’ve started this campaign with the UK Nannies Matter Campaign team as I am passionate to make a change. The industry desperately needs recognition, guidance and most importantly moved inline with the rest of the Early Years Sector. Training and CPD as well as minimum requirements will all raise the quality of early years professionals based in home based settings, and create a consistent environment for raising and caring for children.’

Childminders are required to be Regulated by Ofsted, have completed a 12 week course, adhere to various health an safety regulations, first aid, DBS, hold liability insurance, safeguarding and are inspected.  Childminders also work from their own home. Care for children is provided at the Childminders registered address and charge per child attending. There is a mixture of both term time and full time day care. Ratios allocated on space and children’s ages are also set by Ofsted.

A Nanny is a person who works within the child s residential address. They provide personal tailored care.  This includes nursery duties, day trips, activities, children’s cooking and laundry and attending medical appointments. Nannies often work as sole charge, thus meaning has full and sole responsibility during the working hours within the household unattended enabling the parents to work.

 Nannies are NOT required to hold ANY form of Qualifications or Training, First Aid, DBS, Safeguarding, or Insurance. Nannies can choose to be Ofsted registered however this is a voluntary register.

Many Parents presume the Nannies are Regulated, Educated and Vetted and are shocked to learn that this is not the case.  Nannies are given access to families homes, have responsibility of children, often house and car keys and credit cards. Anyone can indeed call themselves Nanny.

Maria Culley
Working across the early years setting over 15 years, the lack of regulation, safeguarding and recognition is shocking for the Nanny industry. There are more checks in a nursery setting when you work in a team and are not left on your own within a setting then as a nanny who works sole charge in a private house 
Children and Nannies need to protected within the private home. Many parents presume there are regulations that are mandatory shockingly this is not the case!’

UK Nanny Ltd conducted a Spring Survey across the United Kingdom, The statistics are quoted from the results gather during March-April 2020.

This has lead to leading childcare and education professionals came together from all parts of the UK to launch the UK Nannies Matter Campaign after lengthy discussions during the Covid-19 lockdown.
The ongoing dispute of the Nanny industry has come to a head with very mixed messages from Government, Nanny Associations and Payroll Companies with the Covid 19 Pandemic.

‘I am delighted to add my support to the UK Nannies Matter Campaign.

Regulating the profession creates a standard requirement for the role. Ensuring all nannies have a recognised childcare qualification, valid DBS, and paediatric first aid will help to safeguard children.

Childcare is an industry and as such, should be regulated in the same way as other industries.

Councillor Julie Lintern

Keighley West

I’m supporting the UK Nannies Matter Campaign that’s reaching out and advocating for the vital changes to the Professional Nanny industry.

For too long now Nannies have been calling for changes to be made, but they still are yet to be acknowledged by governments past and present.

Regulation is needed so that children are safeguarded, and parents have confidence that their children are receiving quality care and that Nannies are fully protected and are safe while working in the industry.

Councillor Owen Goodall
Craven Ward
The UK Nannies Matter Petition has gained over 900 signitures within 5 weeks of launching.

6 thoughts on “Nannies Crisis – They form a large part of our Early Years and Care sector.”

  1. Maxine Perrins

    Childminders do not predominantly work term time only. They work all year round and take children on day trips and provide activities in line with the statutory framework.

    1. Aaron Bradbury-Coffey

      Hi Maxine,

      I have spoken to the person who has written the article. I am happy to amend the article. Some childminders do work term time only as do some work all year round. I will change to some childminders …… which will give a more balanced viewpoint.

      Kind Regards

      Aaron Bradbury

  2. Childminders are also predominantly Term time only and do not provide full time day care.

    Please remove this bit from your above post as it’s untrue. Some Childminders work all year round and do provide full time day care.

    1. Aaron Bradbury-Coffey

      Hi Lisa,

      I have spoken to the person who has written the article. I am happy to amend the article but won’t remove it entirely. Some childminders do work term time only as do some work all year round. I will change to some childminders …… which will give a more balanced viewpoint.

      Kind Regards

      Aaron Bradbury

  3. Please research childminders, you will find many work all year round with the exception of a few weeks holiday and 10 hour days are quite the norm as are taking children on outings. The key difference between nannies and childminders are nannies work from a parents home and as you say dont have to have ANY qualifications at all or even be registered! Childminders have to complete an initial training course, DBS, first aid and have ofsted round to inspect their house before they even get on the register they also have to have an enhanced DBS for all family members over the age of 16. This article is incorrect and therefore gives little confidence to your campaign so I would strongly urge you to correct your inaccuracies to ensure your campaign is taken seriously. Good luck. 🙂

    1. Aaron Bradbury-Coffey

      Hi Mel,

      Thank you for your response. It has been amended to state that there are many that offer term time and full time care. Thank you for also supporting the cause of nannies. The article was definitely misleading and has been rectified by the website admin. We hope you have a good day.



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