Martin Williams & Kelly Sheils

#TeamEarlyChildhood - The Podcasts
#TeamEarlyChildhood - The Podcasts
Martin Williams & Kelly Sheils


Martin Williams


Martin is the founder of Early Impact. He has worked in the early years for ten years, teaching in both Preschool and Reception. He is passionate about making early education exciting and engaging for both children and adults.

He blogs about all the educational topics that he is interested in, and is strongly committed to sharing information and helping others as much as he can. You can find his blog by going to

He is strongly committed to the ‘practical’ nature of learning both for adults as for children. All of his courses are fast-paced, and contain a multitude of real-life resources that attendees try out. Be prepared to have a go of activities, games and provocations, and most of all have fun and be inspired!


Martin is the best-selling author of 5 books of practical early years tips, games and strategies (all available on Amazon). These are: ‘101 Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing’, ‘101 More Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing’, ‘Squiggle, Fiddle, Splat! 101 Genius Fine Motor And Early Writing Activities’, ‘Loose Parts Play – A Beginner’s Guide, 50 Outdoor Number Activities On A Budget’, and ‘101 Mindfulness Games For Happy Minds’ (released on 27th October)

You can check out our ‘Happy Minds Academy’ here –

Kelly Sheils


Kelly has worked in the early years for more than 22 years.

For more than a decade she was the Quality Manager at a large chain of private nurseries, overseeing standards of provision across the settings. She secured and maintained numerous outstanding OFSTED judgements across the chain over many years.

Kelly is a passionate level 3 Forest School Practitioner, as well as a Level 3 Tutor in teaching and training adults. She is a Relax Kids coach, offering mindful sessions to children in her local area.

Kelly has knowledge across the whole early years sphere, and specialises in Mindfulness and Mental Health, Outdoors and Forest School, and her exceptional knowledge of OFSTED and current best practice.


She is the joint author of the book 101 Mindfulness Games For Happy Minds. Kelly leads our in house sessions ‘Wellbeing And Mental Health Bootcamp’ and is the co-creator or our online course ‘Happy Minds Academy’ –


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