Sarah Hutchins – The magic of the Early Years Journey

#TeamEarlyChildhood - The Podcasts
#TeamEarlyChildhood - The Podcasts
Sarah Hutchins - The magic of the Early Years Journey

Hello! Sarah Hutchins here, I currently teach part time in Early Years within a Primary School and I’m a magpie for all things colourful and bright! Including anything that can be repurposed, upcycled and used to enhance play. I’ve spent the past twenty years immersing myself in child centred learning experiences and perfecting the art of making mud pies and singing spontaneously throughout the day! I’ve previously taught in and led settings in both the independent and state sector here in the UK. I am also fortunate to have spent 5 years teaching in Early Years in New Zealand during the early to mid 2000s. This experience was a total game changer and a ‘light-bulb’ moment for me and it has very much shaped and influenced the practitioner that I am today. In June 2020 I created an infographic poster: ‘An Early Years Journey’ to help share and explore the infinite possibilities surrounding the magical connections that children make in their learning and play. In my spare time I am a referee of two children, I love to paint and I also film lively and entertaining phonics and stories videos from my magical garden shed.


An Early Years Journey Poster (Click on the image below to get your copy)

Twitter handle: magical_mrs

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