Research Study -2

Research Information

Research Title:
“What are the pedagogical differences for learners on a level 3 Early Years apprenticeship and level 3 Early Years Vocational programme in England”


Research Commences on 1st September 2021


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I am looking for Participants

I am particularly looking for students or professionals who have completed the level 3 Early Years Educator on either pathway, an apprenticeship, or a full-time vocational course. 
It will need to have been completed in the past 3 years, so it will need to have been on programme from 2018 onwards, so that the competencies match, so would suit your first and or second-year students. Everyone will be entered into a prize draw of being able to win a £100 Amazon voucher for taking part at the end of the 6 months study. It will involve 2 meetings with me and a reflective journal which will need filling in three times during the 6-month time frame. 
The next steps If you would like to take part, then I will send you further information, including what is involved, participation letter, time frames and commitment. You can get involved by emailing me at the email address below. I would be very grateful for your support. I do think this research will support our discussions around competencies within our vocational programmes for Early Years and Early Childhood.

What is the project’s purpose?


This research project aims to investigate between pedagogy and learning through a lens of student led approaches within an Early Childhood Apprenticeship. It will allow a comparison between an apprenticeship programme and vocational programme of study.


What will happen to me if I take part?


You will be required to do the following: 


A focus group at the beginning of the study and one at the end (6 months a part)


Two Interviews – 30 minutes of your time with me. You will have a number of questions to investigate between pedagogy and learning through a lens of student led approaches, your thoughts and reflections of your chosen study for the Early Years course.

Reflective Journal - A journal which you will write down your thoughts – This will be electronic, and I will have access to your writing. There is a proforma to follow which will help you with what to write in your journal, and this is attached to the information sheet, (you will get this once you have signed up). This will be different to the other two methods. The reflective journal inserts will have a one drive account where you can deposit what you have written at 3 intervals throughout the process. It is up to you when you write them, but it has to be spread out so that it is not all done at once. My suggestion would be to do one every 2 months.

Your Interviews and Focus groups will be completed online Via Zoom. You will be invited with dates planned in advance of when you are required to attend the sessions


What are the possible disadvantages and risks taking part?


Taking part in the research is not anticipated to cause you any disadvantage or discomfort. The potential physical or psychological harm or distress will be the same as any experienced within everyday life


What are the benefits of taking part?

 Whilst there are no immediate benefits for those of you participating in the research, it is hoped that this work will have a real benefit to the impact on future apprenticeships in the future. Results will be shared with participants in order to inform their professional work.


What happens in the research study stops earlier than expected?

Should the research stop earlier than planned and you are affected in any way I will tell you and explain why.


Will taking part in this research be kept confidential?

The data provided by the participant will only be used for the research study. It will be stored securely using the Derby University online platform which will have a double password protected file and comply with all outcomes of GDPR.  The data will not be disclosed to any third party, except as part of the thesis findings, as part of the supervisory or assessment processes of the University of Derby or as part of any published works which derive from the study. All data will be anonymized with all student details being removed and will also be aggregated so that no individual will be identifiable. The data will be kept until the completion of the Doctorate and be available for scrutiny by the University of Derby as part of the assessment process.

What will happen to the results of the research?

Results of the research will be published and will form a final draft of my thesis. You will not be identified in any report or publication. Your institution will not be identified in any report or publication and I will use pseudonyms for each participant rather than your name. If you wish to be given a copy of any reports resulting from the research, please ask me to put you on the publication lists.

Contacts for further information

Aaron Bradbury – Researcher 


*Each participant will be entered into the prize draw for one person to win the £100 Amazon Gift Voucher. You will only be submitted to the prize draw for participation and taking part in the research.