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Team Early Childhood is about bringing the whole of the sector together as one Collective voice for Early Childhood. This means Working collaboratively for child centred outcomes in Health, Education, Social Care and Early Years.

Team Early Childhood has been trending for a while on social media, bringing together many professionals to learn about each other’s sector. The podcast will feature many professionals from each of the sectors with a contemporary and thought provoking focus.

Aaron Bradbury will interview each professional on these topics so that you can engage with up to date knowledge and further your skills within the Early Childhood sector.

Team Early Childhood Podcasts 2021

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Connect with Birth to Five Matters 

Website: www.birthto5matters.org.uk 


Team Early Childhood Podcasts 2020

Juls Davies Podcast Post-6


Connect with Helen:



Juls Davies Podcast Post


Connect with Valerie



Maureen Hunt Podcast

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Sue Allingham


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Jamel Carly


Connect with Jamel



Helen Williams


Connect with Helen 



Carolyn Silberfeld



Connect with the Early Childhood Studies

Degrees Network



Carolyn Silberfeld -2



Connect with the Sid Badham 


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Connect with the Natalie 


Martin and Kelly -3



Connect with Martin Williams and Kelly Sheils

Twitter Martin Williams 

Twitter Kelly Sheils


Julie Ovington -2



Connect with Julie Ovington 

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Emma Maynard



Connect with Dr Emma Maynard 

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